Schools use PASS Locator for tracking issue and return of equipment – games, musical instruments and confiscations. They use PASS Stock for educating students about inventory control systems. In this application the demo systems are regularly and automatically reinstalled every month and databases refreshed . There is no need for external IT intervention.
Universities use PASS Mailroom for tracking students parcels and PASS Stock for issue of consumables .


The healthcare sector can use PASS Locator in many issue and return applications. This can cover anything from tracking Operating Theatre equipment to Laundry issue or even bed occupancy. Clinics use PASS Storeroom to log the consumption of non reusable items and the issue and return or reusable ones. Small barcode printers take up very little room and often tethered scanners replace PDAS where there is no need for portability.

Factory and Warehouse

Warehouses use PASS Stock for managment of the inventory and for the issue and return of non stock items like tools.
Factories use PASS Stock to monitor production and quality control.
Both use PASS Locator for machinery and property maintenance which schedules the maintenance at regular intervals so that everything is always up to date. Another use is for health and safety checks using the records as evidence of proper maintenance in the event of problems.

Offices and buildings

Offices use PASS Locator to audit assets, record their condition and identify when replacements are due. Where maintenance is necessary then Locator will record any maintenance also giving a picture of the life of the asset and its current written down value.
Property management use PASS Locator for health and safety checks on equipment and building safety and sanitation. The PDAs record the scheduled checks and the system keeps a complete history of the checks.
Free trial for two months
Try the software for a couple of months, adapt it to your system and test it to its limits. We are confident it will give you a quick payback for the small outlay and transform the way you control your asset register. Send us your details and we will give you the link and password to download the software from our download site. We will then help you to understand how it works and at the end of the trial period you can then decide whether to buy the system without losing any settings or data. A blank database and a demo database are included in the trial.