Orders for Kits

Ordering sets of goods on the PC

Entering orders for kits means creating for uniform sets of products, for example a predefined food hamper or a set of tools. It enables the order taker to order a quantity of sets without updating each of the individual products. The advantages of this system are twofold. There is only one item of any product in the showroom which keeps the showroom stock to  a bare minimum. Secondly you eliminate customer handling of product other than the  showroom samples. Stock management is improved because there is no need to take stock of items in the sales area as there is always only one of each item. When entering a kit order, the order entry will automatically expand the kit into its component parts, highlighting any stock problems.

The kit code is selected when entering an order

stock order enter kit code

The order form then automatically expands the kit to its component parts


The picklist can then be produced arranging the picking sorted by location

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