Partners and resellers

We work with a select group of resellers who specialise providing complete solutions form off the shelf products at minimum cost. Once they have agreed the specification with us they will source and provide the appropriate hardware for the application.

We are actively recruiting new resellers both geographically and/or by industrial sector. We offer generous discounts on the software for leads provided by our resellers and do not compete for the hardware sale and provide support for our software installed on the hardware.

If you would like to partner with us and explore possibilities please fill in the contact form initially and we will get in touch with you..

Options for working with us

Leads only
You supply the leads in return for commission on sales
Software and hardware
You supply and support the end user with your hardware and our software with reseller discount
We brand the software under you name and logo
Hardware only
You supply and support the hardware and we supply and support the software (n PDA and PC)

PDA brands supported

and many lesser known Chinese brands

Printers supported


and any thermal/thermal transfer printers with Windows/Seagull drivers

Application form

Contact Form Demo (#3)

Partners and resellers

TSC barcode Solutions
Barcode Connexions
GSM Printer & Label Systems
JNC Netherlands
Free trial for two months
Try the software for a couple of months, adapt it to your system and test it to its limits. We are confident it will give you a quick payback for the small outlay and transform the way you control your asset register. Send us your details and we will give you the link and password to download the software from our download site. We will then help you to understand how it works and at the end of the trial period you can then decide whether to buy the system without losing any settings or data. A blank database and a demo database are included in the trial.