Sales order entry and warehouse picking

Components of the PASS Stock sales order system

Sales Order Entry and tracking
Sales without order entry
Directed Order Picking
Converting production to finished goods

Sales Order Entry

The module is designed to provide either local data entry of orders in the warehouse or imported orders from the sales order department. This depends on the size and structure of the organisation as which method is preferred but both can be used. When a sales order is raised it checks that stcok is available in the warehouse and creates a lock on the amount of product entered so that there can be no duplication which could result in two orders fighting for the same amount of stock.


Sales without order entry

This module enables cash sales to be made in the warehouse without the need for entering the sales order. It works in a similar way to a supermarket till, displaying the products and prices and enabling quantities to be entered. Both Card and Cash payments are permitted and a receipt is then generated after payment is registered.

Production conversion

When a sales order is raised and there is insufficient finished stock to satisfy it, you use the production module to convert raw material to stock. This may take the form of a physical change in the product or simply putting bulk stock in the required outer packing.
The above panel records the amount of raw material, product or components moved to the production line and the lower panel records the resulting production.

Guided Order Picking

The picking module is generated in the warehouse from the sales order and takes into account the available stock on hand and the stock that is ring fenced by the sales ordering procedure. It then directs the picker to the appropriate location for the stock items and orders them by location so that the picker does not needlessly go down the same aisle twice.

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