Handling parcels with waybills

Waybills and container contents

Parcels often come in with waybill barcode. Normally if its a single parcel for that waybill you can just scan the barcode to log it in then and deliver it using the waybill number. However when more than one parcel is on the courier waybill you need to associate the same waybill number with each parcel but differentiate between them when they deliver. On the other hand you may also want to 'deliver' all the parcels on the same waybill to a drop off point just scanning the waybill number once and automatically recording the total parcels delivered .

Logging in and delivering from a waybill

Mailroom uses the mail item code in conjunction with the waybill number to assign a unique identity to each of the parcels on the waybill and after scanning the waybill the item code mail labels will be printed for each parcel listed on the waybill.  So you scan the waybill number, enter the number of items shown on the waybill and Mailroom then automatically prints off the item code labels which you stick on the parcels. When transferring all the parcels on the waybill to a dropoff point then you only need to scan the waybill number when delivering them. On some waybills there are boxes containing a number of internal boxes for different recipients. This is not discovered until the box is opened after logging it in.The boxes are already on the system with both item code and recipient so each one can now be assigned a different recipient. When delivering parcels individually you scan the item codes not the waybill number. If you then search on a waybill number, all records for that number will be displayed - ie all the item codes. If you search on a location or recipient you will see the item codes along with their waybill number.
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