Barcode label printers

Barcode Printing

There are two types of barcode printer - Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Direct Thermal works with coated heat reactive paper and Thermal transfer works with ordinary labels and a ribbon. The printers come in several widths -50cm, 100cm, 150cm and depending on how much information you want to have on the label you chooses the size of printer. For most purposes you are safe with a 100mm printer for all our applications. They range in price from £100 to £1000 related to the size and volume of labels to be printed. Preprinted labels would be around £25 per 1000. The advantage of having a printer is that you can reprint and replace damaged barcodes quickly. 

Our resellers can help you choose but its an idea to first think about what you are going to use it for. Normally to just print a barcode a desktop printer is sufficient. For very low volumes you can use a Dymo Labelwriter , or for higher volumes there are several brnads to choose from. For example Zebra, Cab, Honeywell, TSC. Here are a few guideline questions to consider in no particular order of importance.

  • What information do we need on the label and how large should the label be? The minimum should be the item barcode but  you may also want the delivery name  and location.
  • What volume of labels do we need to print each day?
  • Can we make do with preprinted barcodes if we only need to print barcodes? (this is the case for all our apps)
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